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How to Hold an Open House that Creates Buyer Interest

Use these open house tips to help your home stand out during an open house even in a competitive real estate market.

Looking for tips to ensure your open house creates buyer interest and reaches the right audience? Not all open houses are created equal. If you want to hold a successful open house, then the following tips will put you on the right path.

Set the Stage for Buyers

Hiring a home staging professional is an additional cost, but most real estate professionals will tell you that it is cost worth paying. As we mentioned in an article discussing the benefits of home staging, some data shows that staged homes not only sell faster but also above the asking price. Staging at an open house helps turns the house into a home where the buyer can easily imagine themselves living.

The Social Element

Social media is a big part of our lives and a vital component of the real estate buying and selling experience. One way to increase buyer interest is to create a Facebook Event for your open house. Invite others to the event and also share photos of the home before and during the open house. You can also ask visitors to your open house to “check-in” on social media when they arrive, which in effect provides free marketing to a wider audience of potential house hunters.

Be a Good Neighbor

While an open house may not be as exciting as the annual neighborhood Super Bowl party, make sure to extend invitations to your open house to neighbors. Neighbors can be great salespeople for your home by offering buyers firsthand knowledge of the neighborhood and community. Your neighbors may also be able to help with networking by notifying their house hunting friends that there is a home available in the community.

Generating Interest Through the Right Channels

It is important to market your open house to an audience of interested buyers. This means making sure that marketing messages are delivered through the right marketing channels. When interviewing listing agents, ask for specifics regarding their overall marketing strategy. They should be transparent about their approach to holding an open house that creates buyer interest. Look for agents with a targeted approach that reaches individuals looking for a home like yours.

Open Houses: Timing is Everything

Many real estate professionals believe that the best time to schedule an open house is the first weekend of the home’s debut on the market. Holding an open house that coincides with your home’s market debut provides something fresh and new to buyers while avoiding overexposure. Your listing agent should also avoid any scheduling conflicts with large, popular local events, which could keep buyer interest low.

Professional Photos and HD Videos

Yes, people are coming to your open house to see it in person. However, the marketing photos and videos on your listing agent’s website and the MLS are essential to piquing buyer interest before the open house and getting those buyers to your front door. Ask your agent if they provide professional photos and HD videos as marketing tools to drive traffic to your open house.

Are you thinking about listing your North Carolina home for sale? Do you have any further questions about holding a successful open house? Contact us at Red Door Company, and we’ll be glad to help answer any of your questions or share how we can sell your home in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill on your terms with a fast sale at the best price.