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Rental Property Marketing Tips to Attract High-Quality Tenants to Your Rental Homes

Follow these rental property marketing tips to increase demand and fill your rental homes with quality tenants, fast.

Using the best rental property marketing and advertising strategies will improve your chances of filling your North Carolina rental properties with high-quality, responsible tenants. The by-products of leasing your rental homes to high-quality tenants often include consistent rent income, less property damage, and lower vacancy rates. Use the following rental property marketing tips to attract high-quality tenants to your rental homes.

Location is Everything When Marketing Your Rental Units

When people discuss real estate, the word location is bound to come up in the conversation. Landlords who want to attract the best tenants should also be attentive to location. In this case, we aren’t just talking about the location of your rental, but the also the locations where you market and advertise rental properties.

In today’s rental environment, landlords must list rental properties in every virtual location that is popular with potential tenants. These locations include a broad range of rental advertising platforms, social networks, and websites. If your rental property marketing efforts do not put your property in front of potential tenants, you are likely to miss out on reaching the right individuals to rent your unit.

Set the Right Rental Rate for Rental Homes

Marketing your North Carolina rental properties with the correct rental rate is important for two reasons: it maximizes monthly rental income and attracts high-quality tenants. In this Landlord’s Rental Guide, we’ll focus on the latter of these two reasons and look at how setting the right rental rate for your rental property will improve marketing and help attract high-quality tenants.

Taking the time to research and understand the local rental market before deciding on a monthly rental rate is important because advertising the right price will increase demand for your rental unit. Increased demand, in turn, leads to more showings and more tenant application submissions. More applicant means the opportunity to choose the absolute best tenants from numerous rental applications.

Rental Property Condition in Tip-Top Shape

While the condition of your rental properties may not seem like it falls under the marketing umbrella, a clean and updated property is key to attracting high-quality tenants. After you put in all work into researching the local markets, implementing your marketing plan, and attracting high-quality tenants, the last thing you want is for those potential tenants to arrive at the home and experience a poor first impression.

Make sure the landscaping is fresh, carpets are clean, walls are freshly painted, all appliances are clean and in working order, bathrooms are spotless, major systems (HVAC, plumbing, etc.) are functioning properly, and everything else in the home is in tip-top shape. If you present a well-maintained, clean rental home that is in move-in ready condition, then you are more likely to attract high-quality tenants who will keep it that way.

Rental Property Lead Management Plan

Now that you have followed the rental property marketing tips to attract high-quality tenants for your rental homes in North Carolina, you will likely have many tenant leads to manage. At this point, landlords may need to answer questions, set up a rental property showing (first time or second tour of home), or follow-up with individuals to set up an appointment to fill out a rental application for tenant screening.

No matter how many applications they receive, a landlord must have a lead management plan in place. You will want to stay in close contact with prospective tenants or risk losing high-quality tenant leads to someone else. Fortunately, there is a number of technology-based tools out there to help improve your rental property lead management.

If you have any further questions about rental property marketing or if you like to speak with the North Carolina property management experts at Red Door Company to learn how we can improve your rental real estate investment bottom line, contact us today and let’s get started.