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What Happens Between Signing a Contract and Closing

How Home Appraisals Make or Break Your Real Estate Transaction

Familiarize yourself with home appraisals, the home appraisal process and how they affect the sale of real estate.

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Overview of Home Inspection Process for First-Time Home Buyers

Discover why home inspections, home inspectors, and home inspection reports are integral to the home buying process.

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A Home Buyer Guide to Title Searches and Title Insurance

In this home buyer guide, discover why title searches and title insurance are integral to the real estate transaction.

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The Ins and Outs of Buying a Homeowners Insurance Policy when Buying a New Home

Clear up the confusion of buying a homeowners insurance policy when purchasing a home with this buyer's guide article.

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Your Complete Guide to Property Surveys and Buying a New Home in North Carolina

This overview of property surveys for real estate transactions answers questions for buyers unfamiliar with surveys.

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