Helpful Advice for Choosing the Right Property Management Company

Finding the right rental home also means partnering with the right rental management company. Learn what to look for to ensure the ideal rental experience.

The next property management company you choose to rent your home from could leave you with a bad taste in your mouth if you don’t do your homework prior to signing a lease. Choosing the right property management company isn’t rocket science. It does, however, take some due diligence. We recommend you use the following guidelines to ensure your rental experience is a good one.

Read Online Reviews and Pay Them a Visit

One of the first steps you should take is to perform an online search for North Carolina property management companies. Then, read the online reviews shared by both tenants and landlords. Do not, however, choose a property management company based on online reviews alone.

You should also set aside some time to meet with property managers in person. Before your meeting, write down a few questions you may have about the tenant and property management relationship. For those of you unsure what to ask, use the following information as a guideline.

Clear Policies and Procedures

Does the property management company welcome your questions? Will you get honest, prompt responses to inquiries regarding rental policies and procedures? All professional property management companies should be 100% transparent when it comes to the landlord and tenant relationship.

What does this mean to you – the tenant? This means that your property managers should be open and honest about all rental policies and procedures. As a tenant renting a home from this company, you should also have access to these policies and procedures, so there are never any misunderstandings or surprises.

Commitment to Customer Service

When choosing your next North Carolina property management company, make sure to ask about their customer service policies. Are they committed to offering tenants a satisfying customer service experience? If so, how do they accomplish this?

At Red Door Company, we often remind tenants that, as property managers, we can’t always answer “yes” to their requests because we represent the landlord. However, we do promise that your needs will be taken seriously, you will be treated professionally, your inquiries will be addressed promptly, and that every effort will be made to facilitate results that exceed your expectations.

Systems and Processes for Repairs and Emergencies

During your property management company interviews, ask about the systems, and they have in place for repairs and emergencies, and the process tenants follow to submit requests. Will you be left waiting for weeks on maintenance requests? Can you reach someone day or night in case of an emergency?

You do not want to sign a lease to rent a home from a property management company that does not have systems and processes in place to handle property repairs and maintenance or emergencies promptly and professionally. Your property management company should be available 24/7 in the case of an emergency. Your service requests should be handled as quickly as possible by professional vendors (plumbers, contractors, etc.).

Tenant Technology

Is paying your rent online important to you? Would you like a convenient way to submit service requests and track the progress of your rental property repairs? As you are making a choice for your next North Carolina property management company, ask if you will have access to a tenant portal. Tenant technology like this will allow you to access tenant services 24 hours a day and seven days a week at your convenience. Managing your account information, lease documents, rent payments, and maintenance communications easily and conveniently wherever you have online access is a service all property management companies should offer tenants.

Remember, just as you must do your due diligence to find the right North Carolina rental home, you must also do a little homework to ensure you are choosing the right property management company prior to signing a rental lease. If you would like to learn more about Red Door Company and our professional property management services, please do not hesitate to contact us.