Renting Your Next Home - Applications, Leases and More

9 Questions to Ask Before Applying for Rental Property

Renters, ask these questions before you fill out a rental application and spend money on a rental application fee.

Understanding the Rental Application Process

Renters, use these tips to navigate the tenant screening process used by landlords and property management companies.

Pet Policies - What to Expect When Renting a Pet-Friendly Property

A review of rental property pet policies and the additional costs of renting a home which allows tenants to own pets.

The Ins and Outs of Lease Negotiation for Tenants

Tips for renters to negotiate lease terms with landlords or property managers before signing a rental agreement.

7 Important Lease Terms to Understand Prior to Signing Your Next Lease

Rental lease terms can be confusing. Gain a better understanding of seven important lease terms in this rental guide.