5 Reasons Red Door Company is Your Best Choice for a North Carolina Property Management Company

Need help choosing a property management company in North Carolina to manage your rental homes in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill? While there are many North Carolina property management companies for landlords to choose from, we feel confident that Red Door Company offers benefits which set us apart from the competition. Below, we share five reasons why our landlord clients say working that with Red Door Company is The Right Way to Rent®.

One-on-One Client Relationships

Landlords should expect prompt communication and a commitment to excellent customer service from their property management companies. While other businesses require rental property owners to deal with separate departments for each of their requests, Red Door Company believes in creating one-on-one relationships with our landlords. We are able to facilitate these individual relationships through a network of brokers who manage properties in their specific geographic territories.

What does this mean for you? With Red Door Company, you will deal directly with one broker when it comes to all your important tasks related to your rental property, including marketing, tenant screening, leasing, maintaining properties and conducting regular inspections. We believe this type of one-on-one relationship between landlords and brokers is the best way to protect your investment and grow your bottom line successfully.

100% Transparent Pricing

Tired of seeing a long list of extra fees? If items like inspection fees, advertising fees, lease renewal fees and administrative costs are unexpectedly tacked on to your monthly statement, there is another way. Unlike many property management companies, Red Door Company never surprises our landlord clients with hidden fees and extra charges. Our fee structure is simple and 100% transparent.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge owners extra for any of our management services. Our fees cover everything we do, from evaluating the property through the marketing process, showings, screening, lease negotiations and orchestrating the move-in. We believe that offering landlords honest pricing is the only way to build trust and conduct business.

No Mark-Ups on Maintenance and Repairs

Unexpected repairs and property maintenance costs are a part of the landlord experience. Marking up invoices or adding extraneous fees for maintenance and property repairs, however, should not be a cost of doing business with a property management company. Unfortunately, many companies employ their own maintenance staff, which often leads to mark-ups on repair bills and unnecessary work meant to keep a maintenance staff person busy.

North Carolina rental property owners never need to worry about whether Red Door Company is authorizing unnecessary repairs or charging more than they should because we don’t receive any monetary benefit from your repairs. While Red Door Company only works with reliable and trusted vendors to protect your investment, these vendors are not on our staff, which helps us avoid conflicts of interest. We will even use a landlord’s preferred vendor if that vendor meets a number of professional requirements. To learn more about these requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Proactive Property Inspections

Is your North Carolina property management company proactive when it comes to protecting your investment properties? Many companies only step foot in your rental property after a tenant moves out and before a new tenant moving in after signing a lease. What about all the months in between these two major events? Are annual inspections good enough to protect your property?

At Red Door Company, we do more to protect your real estate investment. That is why our team performs property inspections at least three times per year. During these inspections, we walk through your rental properties to make sure your tenants are complying with their rental leases. This proactive approach to property management often leads to identifying minor problems before they become major problems.

Choice of Property Management Packages

Would you prefer your North Carolina rental properties to run on autopilot with a full-service property management package, or do you wish to perform tenant-landlord tasks (collecting rent, addressing repairs, etc.) yourself while hiring a property manager to handle a particular set of services (marketing, lease negotiation, tenant screening, etc.)? Whatever your answer, isn’t it nice to have choices?

A selection of the property management packages is something most companies do not offer landlords. However, at Red Door Company, we believe in providing services tailored to each landlord’s individual needs. Our clients choose from full-service property management and our Lease and Re-Lease options. We even offer landlords a choice of payment plans through our full-service package.

To learn more why Red Door Company is your best choice for a property management company in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, please do not hesitate to contact us today.