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Tips to Buy Rental Properties and Create More Positive Cash Flow with Rentals
Use the following tips to buy rental properties and create more passive income by adding more profitable rental homes to your North Carolina real estate investment portfolio.
Rental Real Estate Investors: Take a Break and Enjoy a North Carolina Vacation
Investing in the rental real estate can be stressful, here's a tip every landlord should follow: Remember to take a vacation, spend time with family and recharge your batteries.
Prevent Rental Property Vacancies in Summer Months with Aggressive Rental Marketing Strategies
Are your rental property marketing strategies working efficiently to prevent vacancies in your rental properties during the summer months? Get aggressive in July to avoid vacancies before the arrival of fall.
Landlord Tips to Negotiate Advantageous Lease Anniversary Dates for Rental Properties
To maximize rental investment returns and minimize vacancies, landlords need to negotiate lease terms which ensure their rental units are not coming vacant at disadvantageous times of the year.
Two Semi-annual Rental Property Preventative Maintenance Items on Every Landlord's To-Do List
Taking steps to head off major repair expenses by performing preventative maintenance is key to protecting your rental homes and for growing your bottom line.
Tips for Setting Rent Rates and Pricing Your Rental Property Correctly
Learn a few tips for pricing your rental property correctly in order to attract high-quality tenants and reduce the amount of time your units are vacant.
Lease Renewal Tips for Landlords Using a Tenant Retention Strategy for Rental Properties
Keeping high-quality tenants in your North Carolina rental properties begins with good management. Let's take a look at a few tips to improve lease renewal rates using a tenant retention strategy.
5 Questions Tenants Often Ask Property Managers Prior to Signing a Lease
Don't sign that lease until you have all your questions answered! Total transparency is The Right Way to Rent®.
5 Reasons Red Door Company is Your Best Choice for a North Carolina Property Management Company
What makes Red Door Company the clear choice for North Carolina landlords? Find out in our latest property management blog post.
What Type of Property Management Service Package is Right For You?
Discover how to choose the right property management package to help you grow your bottom line and protect your investment.
Tax Tips for Rental Real Estate Investors
The following tax tips for landlords who own rental real estate will help you prepare yourself for the year ahead.
How Three Rental Market Trends Point to a Strong National and North Carolina Rental Property Market
2016 rental market trends point to a profitable year for North Carolina landlords.