Holiday Season Home Security Tips for Rental Homes and Tenants

Following a few home security tips during the holiday season will help protect your tenants’ personal belongings and also prevent property damage to your North Carolina rental homes. During the holidays, homes are often empty as families travel, which increases opportunities for thieves. Share these holiday season home security tips with your tenants to decrease the chances of break-ins and thefts during the holidays.

Avoid Holiday Package Theft

The increased volume of packages delivered by FedEx, UPS and the USPS during the holidays makes tenants more susceptible to theft. Thanks to technology and many services offered by delivery companies, individuals can take proactive steps to prevent stolen packages. Some of the ways you can avoid holiday package theft at home include: customizing package delivery times and rerouting when necessary, choosing to sign for all packages, picking up packages at local kiosk locations, and using services which deliver packages to local businesses for pickup.

Put Holiday Lights and Indoor Lights on Timers

A good home security tip to use during the holidays is to put your outdoor holiday lights and indoor lights on timers. Taking this home protection step will prevent thieves from easily determining when you are not home. Automatic timers on outdoor lights, especially when tenants are on vacation, are a useful security tool to use all year long.

Stop Mail and Newspaper Delivery

Traveling to visit family and taking family vacations when the kids are out of school often takes tenants away from your North Carolina rental homes for extended periods of time during the holidays. Driveways full of newspapers or mailboxes overflowing with mail are clear indicators that nobody is home, inviting thieves to break into homes, steal personal belongings and cause property damage. Remind your tenants to contact the USPS and local newspaper company to pause delivery until they return from their travels.

Check Door Locks and Window Locks

Another holiday season home security tip for landlords is to have tenants make sure all locks on both doors and windows are functioning correctly. The easiest way a thief can gain access to a home is through an open or unlocked window or door. If a quick inspection reveals any non-functioning locks, have tenants notify you or your property management company to replace or repair locks before the holidays.

Installing Motion-Sensor Flood Lights

Landlords can help with home security during the holidays and all year long by installing outdoor motion-sensor flood lights on their rental homes in North Carolina. Outdoor security lighting will not only help with crime prevention and safety during the holidays, but those lights can also be a major selling point for families looking for rental homes. Landlords may also want to investigate the cost of installing home security systems in their rental properties, which can lower insurance costs and attract high-quality tenants.

Don’t Share Holiday Travel Plans on Social Media

Sharing photos while on holiday vacation or broadcasting holiday travel plans on social media are tantamount to putting a “Welcome Thieves” sign on your front door during the holiday season. Remind yourself and your tenants to be wary of what is shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other websites. If you want to share those vacation photos, wait until you return home from your trip.

Two More Holiday Security Tips

The last two tips for holiday safety and security during the holiday season involve holiday packages and packaging. While it may look nice to put your Christmas tree and all your wrapped gifts in the large living room window that is clearly visible from the street, you are providing a window display for criminals. Also, after opening delivered packages or unwrapping gifts, do not pile all the empty boxes, especially from expensive items like flat screen televisions, on the street in plain view. In both of these cases, what is left unseen is also less likely to attract thieves.

Remember, sharing these holiday season security tips with your tenants not only aids in protecting their personal property, but it also helps protect your valuable investment from damage caused during holiday break-ins. Contact the North Carolina property management experts at Red Door Company to learn more strategies for protecting your rental real estate investments during the holidays and all year long.