Rental Real Estate Investors: Take a Break and Enjoy a North Carolina Vacation

Landlords, rental real estate investing can be a stressful, full-time, year-round job. Here’s a real estate investing tip every landlord should follow: Remember to take a vacation, spend time with family and recharge your batteries.

Now that your August move-ins are complete, it’s time to think about taking a vacation. In fact, why not take a vacation in North Carolina? Our state has many great vacation locations. For those landlords unfamiliar with what our state offers, here’s a look at three North Carolina vacation areas that are perfect for unwinding, relaxing and reenergizing.

Enjoy the Mountains and an Asheville, North Carolina Vacation

Landlords looking to escape the summer heat and humidity should consider taking a trek to the North Carolina mountains. Located in the Blue Ridge mountains, a vacation in Asheville, NC offers many options for families, couples or the single traveller. And if you like to travel with your dog(s), you’ll find the city very accommodating and dog-friendly.

What can you do when visiting Asheville? There are many outdoor activities including, hiking, biking, fishing, river rafting, zip lines, balloon rides and more. The city is well-known for its craft beer and local breweries, wide array of restaurants and its arts and entertainment scene. Don’t forget about the world-famous Biltmore House also. No matter what you enjoy doing on vacation, Asheville is a perfect spot to do just that.

Escape to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for Vacation

It’s virtually impossible to talk about North Carolina vacations without talking about the North Carolina coast and our world-class beaches. Let’s start with the northern coast and the Outer Banks. Landlords taking a break from the day-to-day rental real estate business and vacationing in the Outer Banks will find a wide-range of choices among these barrier islands, which locals divide into three main areas: Northern Beaches, Roanoke Island & Dare Mainland, and Hatteras.

The Outer Banks is full of history. From the Wright Brothers to the site of the first English colony, it is the perfect place to learn about North Carolina and enjoy outdoor activities. You can enjoy a day of fishing, boating or surfing and spend the evening eating local seafood. Whether you want a beach to “get away from it all” or you want to vacation in a more populated area full of family activities, North Carolina’s Outer Banks has everything you are looking for in a great vacation spot.

Play Golf and More on Your Brunswick County Beach Vacation

Another option when planning a vacation after your August move-ins at your rental properties is to head to the southern coast of North Carolina and the beaches of Brunswick County. These five barrier islands include: Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach, Oak Island and Bald Head Island and sit between Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina. With so many options to choose from, you can certainly find the perfect Brunswick Beach to fit your vacation lifestyle.

If golf is on the top of your list of favorite activities, then venture further south to Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach, which offer not only world-class golf courses in their own right, but also provide easy access to the golf mecca of Myrtle Beach. If you enjoy day trips to the city for dining, shopping, and entertainment, then you may wish to stay farther north and closer to Wilmington, North Carolina. There are plenty of outdoor activities, fresh seafood restaurants and miles of white sand to relax on when you choose a Brunswick Beaches North Carolina vacation.

No matter where you head for vacation, the key is to take some time each year to get away from your responsibilities, enjoy family and friends, relax and refocus. If you would like to spend more time on vacation and less time dealing with your North Carolina rental properties, contact us today. Our experienced North Carolina property management team will gladly answer all of your questions and share how we can save you time and money, protect your real estate investments and grow your bottom line.