Tenant Expectations for Move-In Property Condition and Ongoing Rental Property Maintenance

Tenants are moving into our rental properties in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill often have the same types of questions. Two recurring, but related, topics tenants often bring up when speaking with our property management team involve move-in property conditions and ongoing rental property maintenance. As part of our commitment to total transparency when it comes to the landlord and tenant relationship, today’s property management article shares what tenants should expect when it comes to move-in conditions and ongoing maintenance when renting a home from Red Door Company.

Rental Property Move-In Condition

When your lease starts, and you take possession of your new rental home, you can expect that property to be move-in ready. What do we mean by move-in ready? The property you rent from Red Door Company will be professionally cleaned – including carpet cleaning – and routine maintenance (replacing blown light bulbs, changing batteries in smoke alarms, new HVAC filter, tightening cabinet drawer hinges, etc.) will be performed before move-in.

Keep in mind, some exceptions may occur when there is a very tight turnover and not enough time exists between tenancies to accomplish the above move-in ready tasks. If this is the case, however, the property management team at Red Door Company will discuss this with the tenant prior to the move-in date. And in these instances, tenants can expect these items to be handled as soon as possible.

Ongoing Property Maintenance Expectations

As part of our commitment to being the best property management company in North Carolina, Red Door Company delivers the highest level of tenant services possible – especially when you have a property maintenance request and need us to arrange rental property repairs. When you rent from one of our landlords, a reasonable expectation is that tenant requested repairs (not property improvements) should be acknowledged and assigned to a vendor in a reasonable amount of time.

Your online maintenance requests are delivered automatically to your property manager for immediate action. Your property manager will assess your request to determine the fastest and most efficient resolution and will obtain approval from the landlord for the repair as needed. If your landlord rejects the repair request, this information will be communicated to you quickly.

Tenant Expectations for Property Maintenance Vendors

Tenants in our North Carolina rental properties can expect to be serviced by trusted, professional vendors with proven track records of providing tenants with excellent service. You can expect our property maintenance vendors to be prompt and courteous when they arrive for their appointment. You can also expect them to clean up after completing their scheduled repairs. As part of our commitment to delivering the best tenant services, we routinely survey tenants to make sure our vendors are meeting or exceeding expectations.

Once a maintenance request is approved, your property manager will select the service provider best qualified to handle your repair and assign your service request, creating a work order. You will receive notice of assignment, a copy of the work order, and an introduction to the service provider so you can arrange for service on terms that are most convenient for you.

We hope you found this information on tenant expectations for move-in property condition and ongoing rental property maintenance useful. You can learn more about our tenant services here. If you have any further questions about our professional property management services or would like to learn more about any of our Durham, Chapel Hill or Raleigh rental properties, please do not hesitate to contact us.