Core Values

Red Door Company


Our dedication to honesty is backed by clear policies, transparent pricing and a commitment to deliver on our promises. Ask any of our clients and you will find that they feel confident their needs will be taken care of quickly and thoroughly. At Red Door Company, honesty is not just a policy. It is an inherent part of what we do and a guiding principle that is ingrained in our company culture.

Honest Pricing

All our services come with a clear fee structure that is both simple and transparent. There is no need to worry about hidden fees or surprises.

Honest Policies

Honest policies and clear communication are key to delivering an unparalleled level of service to our clients and customers.


Clients and customers can expect service that is consistently excellent. Our service model seeks to streamline processes and provide thorough documentation in order to create a clear set of standards. This approach to service provides a personal touch while also allowing clients the benefit of becoming familiar with our procedures. Through clear communication, we are able to offer reliable service.

Team Training

We achieve and deliver this reliable standard of excellence by designing good processes, developing effective tutorials and providing the necessary training to implement them.

The Right Way

Clients and customers can rely on our team to get it right the first time. This establishes a foundation for long-term success.


Our commitment to total transparency with clients and customers helps to foster an effective and successful business relationship. We fulfill our commitment to 100% transparency by putting in place clear policies and establishing relationships built on open communication. Developing trust is key to our client and customer relationships and being 100% transparent is just one essential part of earning your trust.

Online Access

Clients can access their documents online, 24/7. This level of transparency is essential to building a trusting, effective and successful business relationship.

Clear Contracts

Open communication and clear contracts that avoid getting bogged down in legal jargon, help us build trust and eliminate the potential for confusion and misunderstandings.


We are driven by a set of core values that seek to provide exceptional service, improve results and provide an unbeatable value that can't be matched by our competitors. In the end, we are our own greatest competition and you get to reap the rewards of our relentless drive to be better.

Looking Inward

Our company culture allows us to look inward, sharpen our tools and find ways to better our performance and deliverables.

Forward Thinking

The competitive nature of real estate demands that our team employ forward-thinking strategies to uncover new technology, new approaches and new services.


We use our experience, education, intelligence and creativity to solve problems in ways that are both innovative and unique. Our team members are not bound to the same old ways of dealing with problems that prevent competitors from improving. At Red Door Company, we Fostering a creative environment that enables our team to continue to uncover new ways to deliver value, exceptional service and successful outcomes for our clients and customers.

Valued and Rewarded

Innovation and elegance are valued and rewarded at Red Door Company. Supporting this environment of creativity is essential to our success.

Open Invitation

We value client input and offer an open invitation to share suggestions and insights that can help us improve our services. The Rate Your Experience tab on our website is just one creative solution we have employed to engage with clients and work towards reaching a new level of excellence.

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