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The company principals at Red Door Company are licensed real estate brokers and attorneys with more than 35 years combined experience managing properties and more than 20 years experience as attorneys in real estate and management-related practice areas. No other real estate and property management company offers our experience and expertise.

Truthfulness & Transparency

Leadership committed to truthfulness and transparency - two foundational building blocks necessary for the success of any business.

Vision & Courage

The vision to see the future of real estate and property management and the courage to lead Red Door Company to the forefront of the industry.

Todd Crenshaw

Todd's role as a leader and entrepreneur spans almost four decades. From dog trainer to school teacher, music conductor to courtroom litigator, Todd has been around the block a few times. Todd's widely varied experience has taught him to work with different types of people facing all kinds of problems. He brings these skills to bear on behalf of his real estate clients.

Todd generally takes the lead when a broker needs support, helping to shape communications designed to bring parties to resolution. In Todd, the persuasion of a litigator combines with the leadership of a conductor and is tempered with the patience and finesse of a teacher, resulting in a unique and effective leadership style that has shaped Red Door Company's culture from its inception.

Greg DeWitt

A problem solver at heart, Greg serves in key leadership roles at Red Door Company. With over a thousand real estate closings under his belt from his days as a real estate attorney in private practice, Greg understands the nuances of the real estate transaction from all angles and helps provide counsel and guidance to the team in legal and compliance issues.

Prior to the legal practice, Greg worked at IBM and led various innovative systems development implementation projects. He brings that technical mindset to Red Door Company and has helped drive most of the technology and innovation efforts for the team and clients.

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