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5 Questions Tenants Often Ask Property Managers Prior to Signing a Lease
Don't sign that lease until you have all your questions answered! Total transparency is The Right Way to Rent®.
Tenant Expectations for Move-In Property Condition and Ongoing Rental Property Maintenance
What should tenants expect when it comes to move-in condition and ongoing maintenance when renting a home?
How to Be a Great Tenant in Seven Simple Steps
What's the secret to being a great tenant? Find out in our latest property management article.
Understanding the Tenant Application Screening Process at Red Door Company
Removing the mystery from the tenant screening process.
Choosing the Best Renters Insurance Coverage for Tenants in Rental Properties
You will need to do your due diligence when it comes to choosing the best renters insurance coverage to fit your individual needs.
My Pipes Are Frozen
I forgot to prepare my house for winter and now my pipes are frozen. Now what?
Preparing for Winter
It is that time of year again! With the cool autumn air and coming holiday season, you need to prepare your home for freezing weather.
How to Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home
HVAC systems generally require rebalancing with seasonal changes. Warm air rises and cold air falls, requiring adjustments to airflow distribution to ensure the efficient and effective operation of your HVAC system. Tenants are responsible for simple adjustments and basic maintenance of the HVAC system, including rebalancing the airflow when winter gives way to summer and […]
Tripped GFCI
If you have an outlet that suddenly stopped working, you may have a tripped GFCI.
Dishwasher Performance Tips
Try these two easy tips to get the best performance from your dishwasher.
Switched Outlets
Dead outlet or switch in a living room or bedroom? Check for switched outlets.