Seasoned & Modern

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Seasoned & Modern

Years of experience and innovative technology combine to create a home buying experience that is simply unmatched. That is exactly why area home buyers continue to turn to Red Door Company time and again.


We have spent over 10 years developing successful home buying strategies and solutions with the singular goal of helping buyers find the right home for their family and their budget.


We actively invest in the latest tools and technologies and continue to find new solutions so that our buyers are always one step ahead in a competitive market.


Experience counts when you are purchasing the home of your dreams. Our team helps buyers like you find and purchase the right home at the right price with home buying strategies based on a proven model that has served Red Door Company successfully for 10 years. With our experience in your corner, your dream home will soon be your next home.

Delivering Solutions

Modern technology, proven buying strategies, local market expertise, customer-first commitment: Delivering successful solutions to buyers is in our DNA.

Successful Results

Results are what matter to buyers. Our team has been delivering successful results and helping individuals and families purchase their dream homes for a decade.


Benefit from expertise that goes beyond the basics of buying real estate. Red Door Company stands apart from the competition by offering buyers experience and expertise in all aspects of the real estate transaction. Work with us on your next home purchase and you will benefit from a team that understands the ins and outs of buying real estate including legal, trades, appraisals, technology and more.

Expert Guidance

Advice and expert guidance helps buyers realize as many needs as possible when dealing with the realities of the marketplace and specific financial constraints.

Instilling Confidence

Feel confident knowing you have the expert guidance of our team on your side to navigate the intricacies of the home buying experience successfully.

Innovative Technology

Experience innovative real estate technology designed with one goal in mind - improving your buying experience. We continually invest in new technology and improve existing tools. Enjoy the convenience of the best in modern, online tools that will help simplify and streamline the search process so that you can find the perfect home today.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Buyers gain the advantage thanks to online tools including a comprehensive and user-friendly local website, virtual meetings, smart search technology and so much more.

A Step Ahead

We continue to invest in new technologies that are specifically designed to improve the buying experience and keep you a step ahead in a competitive market.

Smart Search

Use online smart search technology to search and compare homes, compile your wishlist and find the perfect home for you and your family. Our modern, smart search tool delivers efficient, focused, tracked searches to help buyers like you find the perfect home faster with less hassle. From home or on your mobile device, our smart search is simply the smartest way to search for your new home.

Effective & Efficient

Find a home and schedule a tour with a just few quick clicks. It really is that easy. Effective and efficient: the way home searches should be.

100% MLS

Tired of incomplete home search information? Our search offers access to all homes listed in the local MLS database.

Accurate Data

Buyers should not have to rely on partial or outdated information that many online sources provide. Red Door Company delivers always-fresh and always-accurate listing data to buyers because we understand this up-to-date information is crucial to your home buying success. Experience the difference accurate data makes when you work with our team and use our online tools.

Constantly Updated

Information on our website is updated in real-time ensuring you always have the latest, most accurate, picture of the local market and real estate listings.

Highest-Quality Results

Your home search results are only as good as the real estate market data powering these searches. High-quality search data equates to highest-quality results.

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