Strategy & Commitment

Home Buying with Red Door Company

Strategy & Commitment

Enjoy a superior home buying experience when you work with Red Door Company. Our experienced team of brokers will use proven strategies, backed by cutting-edge technology to create a better, stress-free home buying experience. A commitment to customer service excellence guides everything we do.

Supercharged Strategy

Supercharge your home buying success by combining our proven home buying strategies with the best, most innovative real estate technology.


Buy with confidence knowing you are represented by a company that is committed to protecting your interests during the entire home buying process.

Full Service

Setting the standard for the new model of full-service real estate firms, Red Door Company offers buyers a modern, technology-driven service paired with traditional people-first relationships. You could say that Red Door Company's innovative, proven business model offers all the muscle of an old-fashioned real estate firm without any of the unnecessary fat.

Customer Service

Our commitment to delivering innovative, effective customer service adds value and improves the home buying experience for our buyers.

Streamlined Solutions

Buyers receive all the support needed to complete a successful purchase transaction from beginning to end using our modern, streamlined solutions.

Attention & Communication

Attention to detail and cutting-edge electronic communications platforms minimize lost opportunities, keeps the purchase transaction moving forward, and creates a more efficient, headache-free home buying experience. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your home buying preferences then stays in constant communication to keep you informed on the latest listings which fit your preference profile.

Personal Touch

Our brokers actually take the time and dig deeper to uncover a buyer's needs and wants as well as what's motivating their purchase.

Rest Easy

Trust us to help you purchase your next home and you will rest easy knowing our team will never drop the ball during the home buying process.

Search & Recommendations

Work with brokers who have their finger on the pulse of the local market and know about listings even before they hit the MLS. In addition to providing unparalleled access to opportunities, our team uses your home buying preferences to make recommendations on listings the minute they come to market. With the help of our tireless brokers and search technology, you will have the first pick as homes become available.

A Step Ahead

Buyers save time and stay a step ahead of the competition thanks to personalized searches, early alerts and attentive brokers.

Deeper Insights

Local market expertise provides deeper insights into neighborhoods, area schools, lifestyle attractions and other important decision-making factors that may not be obvious at first glance.

Tours & Insights

The excitement of buying a home can often cause buyers to overlook potential problems that can quickly turn into costly issues. Fortunately, our brokers have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a more realistic perspective on each home you tour together. Red Door Company brokers will point out potential issues that could help reduce the purchase price and steer you away from potential disasters that may only look nice on the surface.

Price Advice

Receive expert opinions concerning the listing price of each home you tour with your Red Door Company broker. You will be armed with the information you need to make a competitive offer or move on to a home that is more fairly priced.

Investor Advice

Investor clients benefit from our years of property management experience and will know exactly what to expect of their potential investment. If terms like cap rate, FMMR, and ROI sound like a foreign language, we will give you the information and advice you need to make smart decisions.

Offer & Negotiation

Receive the expert advice you need to determine the initial offer price, terms and conditions for your negotiation strategy and important contingencies to protect your interests as you move forward in the purchase transaction. Your broker will explain all the ins and outs of the offer/counteroffer process and make sure you are comfortable with the negotiation strategy.

Competitive Offer

Your broker will use a detailed CMA that looks at the length of time the home has been on the market and the seller's motivation, in addition to other important factors, when writing a competitive purchase offer.

Proven Strategy

By employing proven offer and negotiation strategies, we work to put you in a strong bargaining position and protect your interests as you move forward in the purchasing process.

Inspections & Contingencies

Once your purchase offer is accepted, Red Door Company stays by your side working with vendors during the property inspection, appraisal, termite inspection, etc. We advocate on your behalf and make sure all contingencies are met to your satisfaction. We keep track of due dates and stay in constant communication with all parties involved to keep the process moving forward and on track up to the closing.

Property Repairs

Buyers are counseled on how to handle any repairs needed on the property discovered during the property inspection and are helped to formulate a repairs list for the sellers.

Progress Report

Along with reporting on the progress of the purchase transaction each day, your broker works closely with vendors to track their progress and avoid delays and mistakes prior to closing.


Close with confidence - Red Door Company's expertise in the legalities of the closing and our commitment to protect your interests at closing table are a formula for a stress-free closing experience. Our knowledge, expertise and solutions-oriented service helps buyers avoid any last minute roadblocks which could prevent the closing from going through as planned.

Successful Formula

Our formula for a successful transfer of ownership includes meticulous attention to detail, following-up with all parties involved and keeping communication at all times.

Proper Preparation

Preparing buyers for closing by reviewing closing documents, performing a final property walk-through and providing a list of what buyer needs to bring to closing table is part of the Red Door Company commitment to excellence.

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