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Property Management with Red Door Company

Marketing & Showing

Minimize vacancies and maximize rents by putting your properties in front of the right tenants at the right time. Proven marketing, advertising and showing strategies paired with cutting-edge technology and local market knowledge ensure your income properties are producing income and maximizing your ROI.

Property Listing Syndication

Tenants will find your listed property on wide-range of rental advertising platforms, social networks and websites.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our innovative marketing, showing and lead management technology delivers high-quality tenants and fills your vacancies fast.

Screening & Selection

Successful tenancies begin with thorough screening and selecting high-quality tenants. Our screening package includes, at a minimum, a full credit report (not just a score), criminal background check, a check of the sex offender registry under Megan's Law, and a check of civil records to learn whether an applicant has ever been involved in an eviction.

Screening Tools

Our comprehensive screening process uses the nation's premier 3rd-party screening service and database of late payments and security deposit deductions.

Tenant Selection

Landlords benefit from our careful selection of qualified and responsible tenants which ensures consistent rent income, reduces the risk of damage, and minimizes vacancies.

Rents & Deposits

We provide landlords with peace of mind and handle the time-consuming and tedious tasks of collecting rent, handling security deposits, and accurately accounting for income and expenses. Clients benefit from an online Landlord Portal, automated payment collection and distribution and our sound understanding of the Tenant Security Deposit Act.

Landlord Portal

Property owners have 24/7 access to up-to-date information via a secure online portal where they can review statements, track investments and monitor real-time financial data.

Security Deposit

We offer expert guidance in processing security deposits. Our system is designed to balance damage deductions against your potential exposure to liability while also protecting your bottom line.

Maintenance & Inspections

We actively protect your real estate investment with regularly-scheduled maintenance and property inspections. Any repair issues are immediately addressed with the help of professional service providers who are on-call 24/7 in the event of emergencies. We use a comprehensive approach to ensure that your property is kept in top condition so that you can command top rent prices.

Property Inspections

Your broker conducts lease compliance inspections at least three times per year to keep small problems from becoming big headaches.

Regularly-Scheduled Maintenance

Our company utilizes technology and streamlined processes to both protect your property through scheduled maintenance and promptly address repair requests.

Leases & Breaches

Property owners benefit from our custom, proprietary lease agreement and expert negotiating skills. We take every precaution to place landlords in the in the strongest possible position. There is simply no other property management company in this marketplace that comes close producing the same results. Protecting your investment is our priority.

Lease Negotiation

We use our knowledge of the local rental and our negotiation skills to make sure that landlord clients receive the most favorable lease terms.

Breaches or Disagreements

When a breach or disagreement occurs, our lease contract provides a firm foundation for a resolution that protects your investment and your bottom line.

Legal & Compliance

Property management is fraught with opportunities to commit costly missteps in areas like discrimination, managing sensitive personal information, and handling security deposits which can result in fines, tenant disputes and lawsuits. As experts in compliance with all regulations applicable to leasing properties, we ensure you are complying with all your legal responsibilities.

Legal Action

If legal action is required, we are uniquely capable of offering guidance and recommendations to ensure you minimize your exposure to loss.


We minimize your exposure to liability and protect your bottom line by ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances.

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